Expert Pet Grooming Services in Rochester

Show your love to your pets. Here at FuzzButz we offer the finest grooming services. Visit us for the pamper pleasure of your pets!
Expert Pet Grooming

Nail Clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expressing (additional fee) and more!

Your pet will be more huggable, fresher smelling and feeling relaxed when they come back to you! Call us to schedule your appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome for nail clippings. We offer complementary ear cleaning with any nail trim. 
We pride ourselves on complete satisfaction. If you are concerned about any situation of your pet's grooming, let us know and we will make it right!


On matt-free dogs, after the bath, drying and brushing out is easy! Dogs that are matted required more time and patience. Our friendly and professional staff will see to it that your pets are given the understanding and patience that they need. If your dog is matted, you will be advised of the best way to solve that problem, with your pet's comfort uppermost in our minds. Please understand that a dog who is matted is uncomfortable. Sometimes the best solution is to shave that matt out, and let the fur regrow. Most of the time we will let you know before we begin if the matting requires shaving.


Our professional bathers use only top quality shampoos and conditioners for your cherished pets. Special products are available for pets with special needs

Call today to talk to our amazing staff!

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