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Stress-free Pet Grooming in Rochester

We offer a range of services to Rochester's furry friends, including bathing, brushing, and nail clipping. With decades of experience, a loyal following, and a commitment to care, we are Rochester's most trusted animal groomer. You won't be disappointed. Call today to make an appointment.
Expert Pet Grooming

Expert Pet Grooming

Deb Fiero has been grooming pets for 25 years. With experience in long- and short- coated dogs (including those who dread the groomer), cats, guinea pigs and rabbits, Deb finally decided to become a business owner in 2015. Her clients also include exotic pets. Yes, we have even bathed pigs and goats, though we cannot do their nails!

Our staff of groomers and bathers have all been trained with care, and love animals. With Deb as owner, manager and lead groomer, there is always on-going support for any grooming questions that may come up. Trust us, we've seen it all! If a pet is uneasy on the grooming table, it is not unusual for another groomer to assist with distracting and comforting the pet while grooming continues. We only use a muzzle when the owner requests it, or as a last resort.

Professional pet care

Your pet will be treated to all phases of good hygiene including teeth brushing (on request)! We examine the coat for problems, such as mats and breakage. We examine the skin, searching for things you may have missed - hot spots, fleas, mysterious lumps, cuts or bruises, and those horrible ticks (which we remove)! We will not only treat the area with care, we will alert you to the issue. We do not take the place of a veterinary care team, nor do we offer medical advice, but we will advise you if we think your animal needs to see the vet! We clean the ears, which allows us to do the "smell" test  -  if there is a sign of something brewing  (like a yeast infection) we will let you know! We trim nails, taking extra care with those pets who just don't like their feet touched. If you request it, we will even express anal glands, for an additional fee. Please note we do not express anal glands without a full grooming. It's a stinky business, and we don't let your pet go home stinky! All of this, and a complimentary bandana with every full groom!

Animal nail clipping

We offer nail clipping on a walk-in basis, as well. No appointment necessary! Just bring proof of current rabies vaccination so we can put your pet on file. We cannot handle your pet without that information. 

Bring us your dog, cat, bunny, or even your guinea pig. Let us pamper their feet. Receive a complementary ear cleaning with any nail trim.

Call now to learn more about our services!

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